Southwest Fine Art Portrait

Southwest Fine Art Portrait

Southwest Fine Art Portrait Details

  • Signature is sign with 100% pure graphite pencils to ensure the longest longevity.
  • Pure graphite rather than graphite mixed with clay, dye or pigment has a bond on paper that is stronger than the paper itself. The bond in pure graphite is much stronger, due to the electrostatic and mild chemical force properties.
  • Custom messages at the bottom or top of art is optional. Good for emotional statements.
  • Please pontificate on the metaphorical and literal messages delivered by nature in the arts.
  • Online images are compressed to 1KB-100KB – Authentic print images are 20MB-?GB.
  • Zero crop productions only.
  • Minimal xolor alterations.
  • Zero photobashing unless posted in the Fine Art Renders page/sections.
  • Zero artifact removal process and product.
  • Only minimal camera raw editing.
  • Appropriate physical, visual and digital workspaces used.

Papers Used

  • Moab Entrada Natural Cotton Rag 300gsm Paper –
  • No Optical Brightener Additives (OBA) | 100% Cotton-Based Media.
  • Cotton is acidic/lignin free. In fact cotton fights off acid and lignin. Prevents yellowing.
  • No Coatings | 300gsm | 22.5 mil | Matt
  • My Images are 4″x6″ @ 901.3 dpi | 1,000 dpi | 1,376 dpi
  • 5″x7″ Paper
  • Optional | 42 character custom text.
  • Optional | Clearfile 5.25″ x 7.3″ Archival and Fingerprint Protector
  • For some physical and direct eye contact with the card is more enjoyable than it’s archiving.
  • Great for birthday, greeting and ART cards.
  • Currently developing custom fonts.
  • 100% Acid/Lignin/OBA Free Cotton Envelopes.

Other Papers

  • Hahnemühle Museum Etching Paper –
  • No Optical Brightener Additives (OBA) | 100% Cotton-Based Media
  • No Coatings | 350gsm | 23.6 mil | Mat
  • For 13×19 paper my images are 11″x16.5″ @ 327.73 dpi | 363.636 dpi | 500.363 dpi
  • For 17″x22″ paper my images are 13″x19.5″ @ 277.33 dpi | 307.7 dpi | 423.4 dpi
  • Moab Entrada Natural Cotton Rag 300gsm Paper is the back up paper in case of supply chain errors.
  • In the event of back paper used you will receive a 5″x7″ ZHorsch Apology Print of the same image ordered.
  • Moab Entrada Natural Cotton Rag 300gsm Paper Specs –
  • No Coatings | 300gsm | 22.5 mil | Matt
  • No Optical Brightener Additives (OBA) | 100% Cotton-Based Media
  • Cotton is acidic/lignin free
  • 13″x19″ Paper
  • 17″x22″ Paper

Other Notes

Ink & Printers Used

  • Genuine Canon PFI-1000 Lucia Pro 11 Color + Color Optimizer Pigment Inks
  • Printer | Canon Pixma Pro-1000
  • First Fine ART Prints were done with the Canon Pixma Pro 100. It’s Remains as backup Printers as of right now. Canon CLI-42 (The Pro-100) is rated about 100 years more than the PFI-1000 (Pro-1000). Pigments often produce far better color accuracy, but in this case it’s indistinguishable between CLI-42 and PFI-1000. Also, over time pigment tends to bleed more than ink. Only a trained eye can tell the difference. The Pixma Pro-100 is a last resort solution at times of reality errors. I will leave a message if that’s the case and a ZHorsch Apology Print of the same image.
  • Further upgrades will be announced.

Fine Art Archival Framing

“Low Stock”

  • Simple
  • Genuine Maple Stained Black.
  • Typically Maple is a wood that has lower amounts of tannin and acids.
  • Maple Tends to have a more neutral pH than other woods.
  • Most Maple Woods Averages 4pH-6pH.
  • Black Stain Generally has a more neutral pH that lighter stains.
  • It’s still a stain though, however it’s a great addition.
  • 13″x19″ Genuine .1″ glass.
  • Frame Dimensions: 14.875″x20.875″
  • Frame Width: 14.875″
  • Frame Height: 20.875″
  • Frame Rabbit: .375″
  • Frame Lip: .1875″
  • Opening: 13″x19″
  • Saw Tooth Hanger.
  • Acid/Lignin Free Archival Backboard.
  • No Optical Brightener Additives | NO OBA
  • Pre Fitted and Pre Assembled (nail and hang).
  • Additional $42 + Shipping = $84 + Shipping

Fine Art Archival Frame Matting

  • Single black mat | 100% cotton rag | acid/lignin Free
  • Single mat opening: 16.625″x11.125″
  • Additional $16 = $100 + shipping
  • Double Mat | 100% Cotton | acid/lignin free
  • Natural white top mat opening: 16.875″x11.375″
  • Black bottom mat: 16.625″x11.125″
  • Additional $26 = $110 + shipping


  • Shipping methods and prices are in development at this time.
  • Conducting personal research and experimentation for best damage free shipping methods.
  • Shipping prices for frames, Z.H. Prints, and ZHorst Prints are decently more expensive than other distributors.
  • Packaging intending to have minimal plastics, oils, debris, tape, glues, acids, lignin, and other art hazards.
  • Frames are wrapped with glassine paper
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Bubbled Wrapped | currently developing an Eco friendly glass compatible bubble wrap.
  • Glass taped with high end painters tape for safety and transportation survivability.
  • Frames are have corner protectors in double box method using two heavy duty corrugated boxes.
  • Both Boxes are packed with grey acid free Bankers Packaging Paper.

Final Mentions

  • 5″x7″ and 17″x22″ frames will be determined in the next coming weeks.
  • Currently developing a method of getting anti-glare, anti-reflection, and UV protection glass.
  • To be honest, the current frame glasses has a decent amount of glare, reflectivity and has NO UV protection.
  • Currently everything is museum grade specification, except the glass.
  • True Museum grade glass is very expensive this a critical issue that needs to be resolved ASAP.
  • Currently there are many limited resources. However, ZHorst Art creation will proceed.
  • Traditional art is in the process of perfecting and is rather amateur by the professional industry. If you wish to witness some early stages of traditional art checkout
  • Over 39,000 hours have been put to the arts in the past 13 years. I don’t mind doing a hundred thousand more if it means I get to produce art for the time of being.
  • Alexander James Horst

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