Omicron Island FPS Video Game

Omicron Island FPS Zombie Arena Is Out Now 2/28/2023!!!

ZHorst LLC | Alexander James Horst | ZHorsch

  • Minimum specifications required…?
  • Storage 610 MB
  • 4 Core Intel or AMD 2017 or later CPU | 2018 or later dedicated GPU generally speaking.
  • Windows 10 or later only
  • If successful but not released yet –
  • Multiplayer | There are many preparations in the replicated variables.
  • Battle Royal | AI, Multiplayer, Both AI and Multiplayer
  • Simple Air Racing Combat
  • All original textures, sounds and animations not just some of them.
  • Porting to PS5, Xbox One, VR
  • Also…
  • I will NOT collect data from a video game user that is single player.

Special thanks to the people who made the following products used in the making of the game!

Omicron Island FPS Arena Video Game

July 19, 2022

Omicron Island a Zombie Arena is the first ZHorst video game that is nearing a demo phase after many years and over 10,000 hours of fine tuning. Omicron Island is a video game catering for mid to high end PCs. Made by one guy “ZHorst” along with $4,500 in software, plugins, computer parts, computers, internet, cameras since 2017. Also Decades and over 20,000 hours in research, note compiling, and studying just to release a decent game.

Omicron Island a Zombie Game

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